Sep 21, 2016

HCL ME Notebook 1044 Drivers for Windows 7

Here is the official drivers release by the support site and the link directly from HCL ftp server. Note that this model released with Windows 7 pre-installed and I strongly recommend to install according to the order given below.

The following drivers compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

Intel Installation Framework: Download
Intel Chipset Driver : Download
Graphic Intel HD Graphic 3000: Download
AHCI (Sata Controller Driver)   : Download
Audio (realtek HD Audio)  : Download
Touchpad : Download
LAN/Ethernet (Realtek 8169/8168/8101E): Download
Hotkey (Pegatron Hotkey): Download
Card Reader - Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Software: Download

Windows 7 32-bit : Download
Windows 7 64-bit : Download

Intel Trusted Platform Module:
Windows 7 32-bit : Download
Windows 7 64-bit : Download

Combo Card - refers to Wireless and Bluetooth:
There are 2 variant for HCL 1044  using Intel and Non-intel combo card. A intel combo card require separate installation of wireless and bluetooth which mean you need to install them one at a time. For non-intel HCL already provide the wireless and Bluetooth driver in one driver packages. so you need to choose base on your specification. If you does not know how to check, just test which work for you.

1. Non Intel Combo Card : Download 

2. Intel combo Card:
Bluetooth 32-bit : Download
Bluetooth 64-bot : Download

Wireless 32-bit : Download
Wireless 64-bot : Download

Sep 5, 2016

ACPI\MTC0303 Driver and installation

People asked me for this driver , ACPI\MTC0303, from the information I've got, this refers to BIOS component for BIOS service device and also one of the Plug and Play component.

Copyright 2007 MiTAC Technology Corporation

Driver Manufacturer: MiTAC Technology Corporation
Driver Class: Other Hardware
Driver Model: BIOS Service Provider
Driver Provider: MiTAC Technology Corporation
Version Date: 7/4/2007
(the version and version date refers to windows XP)

This is how you install it:

1. Download the Driver
First open this link using internet explorer (it does not work with firefox or chrome):

Download base on your Operating system, for Windows 7 use windows Vista driver. The download page would look like this:
Click add to basket, then click your basket, then select download.

2.  Extracting the driver file
The file would be in cabinet (.cab) file type, you need to install winrar to extract the driver file.  Remember the path of the extracted driver folder because we will need it later.

3. Installing the driver file.
Open the extracted driver folder, the right click on the inf file and select install.

If failed you can install it manually using device manager.
1. Open device manager, right click on the unknown device (refer to mtc0303) and select update driver software.
2. No to connect and select advance.
3. Now click browse and point to the extracted driver folder.
4. Continue installation until finish.

 For me personally this device is not important, you can right click and disable it unless you find that some of your laptop feature does not work properly. Does this affect laptop performance, I don't think so and from my experience this type of file does not.