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Dec 19, 2014

ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 Drivers For Windows 7

I got a request from a user asking drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 for his Compaq Evo Notebook Running Windows 7. Most notebook form 200-2005 (such as compaq Evo Series and Lenovo Thinkpad T42) have this type of graphic card which didn't past the Windows 7 upgrade advisor. So, after windows 7 installation you will notice that it only listed as Standard VGA with limited graphic capability.

Actually you can install the Mobility Radeon 7500 in Windows 7 using the original Windows XP driver. In this tutorial I will show how to install it in EVO N800c.

1. First download the SP27665 (original Windows XP driver for EVO N800c) and run the driver. You will get an error, ignore it, because we just want to extract the driver file.
 (for other model, obtain the windows xp driver from your manufacture download site, if you want to use this driver for different model such as Acer and Toshiba, please contact HP for permission to use their software).

2.Now you will have C:\swsetup\SP27665 folder. We will use it later.

3. A device manager will open, right click on standard VGA and select update driver.

4. Select Browse my computer for driver Software.

5. Select Let me pick from a list of device driver from my computer.

 6. Now select have disk - browse and point to C:\swsetup\SP27665\Driver\2KXP_INF. Select the Inf file. (if you have more than one choice, choose the first one)

Click OK, next and continue with on screen instruction, it will flash a few second while installing the drivers. Reboot after finish.

Models of Compaq Evo that compatible with this intallation:

Compaq Evo n160
Compaq Evo n180
Compaq Evo n410c
Compaq Evo n600c
Compaq Evo n610c
Compaq Evo n620c
Compaq Evo n800c
Compaq Evo n800V
Compaq Evo n1000c
Compaq Evo n1000v
Compaq Evo n1005v
Compaq Evo n1010v
Compaq Evo n1015v
Compaq Evo n1020v
Compaq Evo n1050v

If you have any problems fo let me know in the comment section below.

Feb 14, 2012

Intel 82852/82855 Graphic Driver for Vista

Officially there are no drivers for intel 82852/82855 released for windows vista and windows 7. They are only available in windows XP. The trick that i always do with upgrading old models is install the XP driver in wndows vista using compatibility mode. Not only driver but this trick also work with windows 7.

1. Download the XP Driver form the manufacture (There are lower chance for the drievr to work if you download it from Intel).
example : Compaq V2000 Driver
(for compressed files, extract it first)

2. Right click on the driver select properties.


4. Select run this program...'Windows XP'.

5. Right click again and select run as admin.

Dec 6, 2011

SATA Driver and Slipstreaming Guide

This guide is a follow up to the slipstream guide, which will describe how to locate and download the right sata drivers for slipstream process. (back to slipstream guide)

This Guide for notebook with Intel processor.
Search for f6flpy3286 using search engine (Google) download the files. I cannot give the download link from Intel Since it always removed/change over time so resulting in broken link. So here is an example:

On the picture above, I select the first from the result and extract the downloaded file using winrar. Here is the content in the folder:

For ION or ION LE chipset (HP Mini 311 and Compaq Mini 311c series models) and other Nvidia chipsets. Normally model with Nvidia chipset does not require slipstream to install windows XP. In case you need it here is the download link:
Download sata driver: Download

Remember, everything is license nowadays so in case the link expired/broken just search for:  serial ata

For any AMD model use the same sata driverwhich is:
Complete name: AMD Serial ATA (SATA) Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) Controller Driver

Simple name: AMD SATA AHCI Controller
Version:  3.10.1540.64

HP User you can download it from HP Server: Download 
Extract or Install, ignore if error. If you install it you will get a folder c:\Swsetup\SP39719. In the folder what we need for the slipstream is the RAID7xx folder.


Gustav Rock(CQ42)  - blogger
Vanilla Blue (CQ40/CQ35/Acer) - computer and peripherals maintenance
Rakhmad and CherylG - especially for AMD model - HP support forum
Daniel Potyrala - Compiling the guide - HP support Forum
Amy - User - CQ35 (wasted 15CD and 10 DVD) -  thanks for the great effort
Users that send feedback on original slipstreaming guide here 
Others who email me, test it and send feedback

Sep 1, 2011

Conextant Audio Driver For Windows 7 64-bit

This guide made generally for all model, but the drivers made mostly for HP/compaq model. So if you ask me will this work for other model, the answer is YES but you need to get permission from HP so that your action is LEGAL. I do not hold any responsibility if you do it illegally, this post intend to help people who upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit and for tutorial purpose.


Normally, in my post i just give a driver, or a simple tutorial to solve the problems. But there are lots of email i received asking how did i understand and know the solution. So i think it is important to describe the way to understand how to solve this problem. I normally didn't want to write a post in details because i know my English not really good so i always keep it short to avoid grammatical error. But i don't want to disappoint those who asked me. So I apologize in advance for my poor English.

There are many type of conextant audio. The way to distingush between them is by the HARDWARE ID(if you dont know what the hardware ID is, don't worry you'll get to it later). By names there are many of it;
-conextant smart audio 221
-Conextant Ac-link Audio
-Conextant High definition Audio
-Conextant AC97 Audio
-Conextant venice Audio
-conexant cx20671 Audio
-conexant cx20561Audio
and there is lot more, i just make the list of the popular names around the net. (i think there are no need for you to know all the list unless you are in this field, just pm me).

So the conclusion is there are many names, but the one differentiate between them is the hardware ID. So lets continue with the Installation for your driver.


1. First, to get the right drivers, you need the hardware ID. to get the hardware id you can refer to my tutorial here:

2. After you get the hardware ID you will get the result like this(the numbers different base on your device):


3. Ok, from that list, pay attention to the line that i highlight, that is the important line to determine the hardware ID.  Note first line just added the &REV_02 , this addition &REV_02 added because you are using windows 7. So this is the reason why if you install using the windows XP or windows Vista driver directly it will failed, if you install manually from device manager some may success some may not because both xp and vista file doesn't contain &REV_02.
 variation may exist such as &REV_03 etc.The last line 3 and 4, the important line here to note is the number 1002 and 4370, this number show that this is audio type and it is conextant.

How to know the number in hardware ID represent what?
well just google it, many website contain information and database for this driver. That is why sometime realtek AC97 driver can be use to install driver for conextant ac link97 because both share the same ID. Some driver may have one or two ID, but some drivers may contain 100's compatible ID.


Ok, after you get the hardware ID, compare with the ID i gave below. Download and install the driver. Note that to install it you need to extract the driver (make sure winrar installed).
After that open the extracted folder. Right click at the setup file (exe: UIU.exe etc; name varies) and select run as admin and restart after installation finish.

1. Conextant 64 bit driver 1

2. Conextant 64 bit driver 2

3.Conextant 64 bit driver 3

4. Conextant 64 bit driver 4

There are a lot of ID to cover but i list the most popular driver.
So if you didn't find your driver here just get the hardware ID for your audio and post in the comment section below. Ill help to find the appropriate driver.


1. Ok if you try the driver above and failed do this:
-Open device manager (click start and type DEVMGMGT.MSC to open device manager).
-Right click on the audio with yellow and select update driver.
- Select browse my computer for drivers
- Select let me pick from a list of device drivers from my computer
-Point to the extracted driver folder
-and select the INF file

For those who have try many step in many website may read that SP38885 reported worked. but many not know that there are 2 version of SP38885, and the driver for the old one very hard to found.

Once again if you didn't find your driver here just get the hardware ID for your audio and post in the comment section below. Ill help to find the appropriate driver. To get the hardware ID refer nmy tutorial here:

For a those who new to the driver stuff, it maybe hard for you to undrstand, but if you need my assistant to get the right drivers (because you don't understand well the method i post) i willing to do so. Just leave your comments.

Compaq Presario A900 Conextant Audio Windows XP Drivers (General guide)

So i have  to write this post especially for A900 series who have the problem to install audio drivers. So a brief and short intro. This model use Conextant audio drivers, there are many type of conextant audio devices such as conextant smart audio 221, coneextant ac link audio, and conextant venice, so this model tetsed work with conextant venice 5041 driver.

There are overall total of 103 model for A900 model starting with A900 CTO, A900ED .... etc so not all of them use the same conextant driver. Here i will list several driver at the END of this post. So first try with the driver i recommended. If not work repeat the whole installation process using the other driver in the end of the post.



First download and install MS-UAA:
Download (sp33867) size 53MB

The above MS-UAA tested work, but the size to download is big, so you may also use this driver (i didn't test it yet but it also contain the 888111 article for MS-UAA)

UAA drivers (Must be installed before installing the audio driver):
it strongly recomend to use win xp , or win xp sp2, but in case you use sp3;
MS-UAA for Windows XP SP3: Download (KB835221)

Restart after installation.


1. Download this driver:
Download (sp34386.exe)

2. Double click to run the installation, ignore if fail. The reason is to extract the driver file located at c:\SWsetup\SP34386

3. Open device manager by click start and select RUN. Type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.
(you can also press Windows button + R at the same time to open the RUN windows)

4. Then click "+" next to, Sound, video and game controllers to expand the list.

5. Right click on Conexant High Definition Audio with YELLOW mark or Audio with yellow mark. Select UPDATE DRIVER.

6. A Driver update windows will open. Select NO to connect and press NEXT.

7. Select 2nd option , ADVANCE - press NEXT.

8. Select Don't search i will choose the  driver to install.

9. select next - HAVE DISK.(uncheck the show compatible hardware button)

10. Select Browse, the point to C:\SWsetup\SP34386 and select the WIS30B5a.inf.

11. Click ok - next and continue with on screen instruction. Ignore if it complaints.



So for modem download this driver:
Donwload (SP34777)double click to run the installation. ignore if it fail.

repeat the process like the audio driver except for the step 5 and 10.

STEP 5: Right click on MODEM with YELLOW mark . Select UPDATE DRIVER.
STEP 10:Select Browse, the point to C:\SWsetup\SP34777 and select the inf file.



So as i mention earlier, this model use the following driver:
Conextant Venice High Definition Audio Device (5045)

I failed, you need to repeat the whole audio installation process (no need to install ms-uaa again) try with any of this driver:

Download (SP34200)
Download (SP40762)

report back which work and if still failed. Get me the hardware ID for your model and post in the comments section below. Also remember t add any details, error that you think is important to let me know. For those who try, report which driver work for you and what is your model.

Jan 19, 2011

Compaq Presario CQ35 Windows XP Audio Driver and Installation

1. Install MS-UAA and restart:
Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio (sp33867)

2. Install the Audio:
IDT High Definition Audio Codec
(2 drivers, if the first one didn't work, use 2nd drivers)
Download (SP41693)
Download (SP39671)


1. Download devcon utilities. link below
(link updated on Friday 29 June 2012)

2. Open a notepad and paste the following line,and name the notepad as audiopatch.bat, save the file at c:\patch\ with the name audiopatch.bat. (if the directory c:\patch don't exist create one. The Hardware ID may differ (i never study about the differences between ID) this is commonly what i found. Paste the code


To manually check your hardware ID follow this Guide:

a) Open device manager by click start, select run and type: DVMGMT.MSC

b) Right click at your audio drivers and select properties like the picture below.

c)then select details.
d) Select Hardware ID by expanding the Device description Drop down menu.

e)Then here you found your hardware ID which circle in red as shown in pic below. (The ID below is for my Desktop, REALTEK Audio so it difference with your ID). right click on it san select copy then paste it as note

3. Then extract file devcon.exe, copy \i386\devcon.exe to the c:\patch\ (in the folder where you save the audiopatch.bat).

4.Now, there are two options here, the simple steps is to right click on the audio patch, send to, desktop, whenever you start your computer double click on it, the sound should work.

----Ok this is a little advance options, the advantage is you do not have to create a shorcut and double click the bat files, just like the audio totally installed.-----

1. click start select run and type regedit.

2. find this value:


expand it by click the + icon
3. click on the run, on the right panel click anywhere and select new - string value( anew string value will appear normally with name new value#1.)

4. right click on the new string you create and rename as audiopatch.
5.double click on it and on the value data write c:\patch\audiopatch.bat


Dec 15, 2010

Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Windows 7 Driver

I found 4 drivers for  Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG for windows 7, Since there are two windows which is 32-bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64)

Here is the executable driver for both 64-bit and 32-bit. If you don't understand about 64 and 32 bit nevermind that, just make sure you  use windows 7. Thats all.

Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Windows 7 Driver
Well again the driver got deleted, 2 times i renew 2 times they delete it.
This driver from intel and so maybe i cannot upload it. So i will just show you how to download it.

1. Go to :
2. On the search box type : Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection

3. Select the vista drivers (see picture below.)

4. Download the drivers by clicking agree to the agreement.

1. Ok, first of all you need winrar software to extract the driver you downloaded.

2. The driver files name is, after finish download the driver, right click on the  and select extract files, press ok, so you will get folder.

3.  Open the folder, browse until you find the v32 and v64 folder. Base on your operating system chose 32 or 64 bit.

4. Then right click on DPInst32.EXE or iProdifx.EXE and select propertis - compatibility -tick 'run this program in compatibility mode for - windows vista.

5. Right click again on both and select "run as admin".

6. Continue with on screen instruction.

If failed see manual installation below.


1. Download the driver, and extract it using winrar.
2. After that you will get the extracted folder. (i suggest extract it at desktop)
3. Now for advance user you may already know how to install driver manually from device manager.
4. OK we now will perform manual installation from device manager.
5. click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC the press enter , a device manager windows will open.

6. There look for network with yellow mark, or look for your wireless right click and select update driver.

7. Select next and the select browse my computer for driver software:

8. Select Don't search i will choose the driver to install.

9. Select HAVE DISK and Browse - point to the folder that we extract earlier until you find the NETw2.inf/NETw4v64.inf

10. Continue with on screen instruction.

Dec 31, 2009

Install Windows XP in Compaq CQ60 Guide

To Install Windows XP On this model, It is base on you CQ60 chipset. For model with Nvidia chipset you can directly install windows XP in this model. For Intel and AMD model you need to perform slipstream method to install windows XP.

What is Slipstream method?
It is a method to create a custom bootable windows XP installation CD. This method is alternative for using floppy disk (which most laptop didn't have this device) to install windows XP.

Basically to install windows XP in most model which design for windows vista requires SATA driver. During Installation it will ask "Press F6 to install sata...." , so if you have floppy disk you can press F6 to install proper sata driver.So, there is another way to install without floppy is by integrate your sata driver into your windows XP installation disk.

What happen if install with no sata driver?
You will end up with the following error:
1. No Hard Disk Drive Found
2. BSOD (Blue Screen Error).

How to do it?
Simply refer to my guide here: Slipstream method to Install windows XP

Dec 13, 2009

Installing Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio Driver in windows 7

Last Update July 25 2014.

Here is the driver you will need to install, but please remember sometimes direct installation will failed. So you either need to tweak the drivers or install it manually via device manager.
1. Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio Driver and Audio Driver EQ
Download SP34789 (32-bit)
Download SP35558 (64-bit)

2. To save your time, here is the drivers (modified) which I already tested and worked.
SP30399 (mod) (32-bit)
SP35558 (Mod) (64-bit)

3. You can use your original windows XP or Vista drivers, but you need to tweak the drivers or install it manually. You can read on how to do that below. (Note: If you have DELL notebook, you can simply install the drivers by using compatibility mode)

If the drivers failed to install, there are 2 method we can us to install the drivers.

1. Edit the drivers Hardware ID
2. Manually install the drivers via device manager

1. Edit the driver Hardware ID

1. First download your original windows XP drivers, you can use this driver instead:

Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio Driver and Audio Driver EQ
Download SP30399

2. Right click and select run as administrator,(This method does not intend to install the drivers but we just want to extract the driver file.)

3. Then proceed the installation until the installation windows appear.

4. install it and ignore the error, now we already extract the driver file to C:\swsetup\SP30339. Note that if you are using different drivers set or you want to extract this driver in other location, you can extract the drivers using winrar or 7zip software).

5. Now we need to find our audio hardware ID first.

Follow Guide here to find your hardware ID, when you get it remember to paste the hardware ID in notepad (for further reference). The result should be like this, the ID is mine realtek audio and not conextant so your ID may differ from mine:

6. Now open c:\swsetup\sp30399

7. Now in the sp30399 folder find the qta3091.inf and open the files.

8. Now find the values i highlight in the picture below.

9. Then paste your hardware ID below the line %*WDM_AMCAUD.DeviceDesc%=WDM_AMCAUD,PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4370&SUBSYS_3091103C with your hardware ID  in STEP 4.

so the line may look like this:


The method above use the SP30399 which is XP drivers, you may also test with SP37489 using the same method.

2. Manual Installation

Before we start, please install the audio drivers first, I recommend to install yopur original windows xp drivers. If you does not have it just download and install the drivers I provided above. Ignore if installation resulting in error we  just want to extract the driver files.

1.First open device manager by click start and select run type "devmgmt.msc" as shown in the pictures below.

 2. Then on the audio with yellow mark right click and select update driver.

 3. Then select browse my computer for the Driver software

4.Then select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

5. Then select have disk and select browse

6. Browse to SP34789 and select the Qta3091.inf.
7. Proceed with on screen instruction. Ignore if it complaint.

You can repeat this process by using different drivers to get the best results. (In certain case mic does not work so you need to use different driver version).

Dec 8, 2009

How to check Hardware ID

Ok here the Instructions how to check your hardware ID. In this tutorial i will show how to check your Audio hardware ID. You can also use this method to check for other hardware ID. This important to determine what driver you need and what hardware you pc/computer have.

a) IN WINDOWS XP Open device manager by click start, select run and type: DEVMGMT.MSC

In windows 7 and Vista: click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC

b) Right click at your audio drivers and select properties like the picture below.

c)then select details.

d) Select Hardware ID by expanding the Device description Drop down menu.

e)Then here you found your hardware ID which circle in red as shown in pic below. (The ID below is for my Desktop, REALTEK Audio so it difference with your ID).

Your hardware ID determine the driver, for example you have unknown devices, then you check the hardware ID, example you got ACPI/hpq0004, so if you google the ACPI/hpq0004 you will find the drivers is HP 3D DriveGuard.  

1. to copy the hardware ID for windows xp press CTRL + A, it will highlight all the hardware ID code and press CTRL + C to copy it.

o copy the hardware ID for windows 7 press CTRL + A (or highlight it with your mouse), it will highlight all the hardware ID code and right click and select COPY (you can alsopress CTRL + C to copy it.)

Nov 15, 2009

Installing Nvidia Geforce 8200m in CQ60 Guide



The method below reported didn't work in some laptop, so here is the common drivers use to install the 8200 graphic:

go to this URL:

OK, here is some advance installation method, we will modify the drivers by replace the INF files with Moded INF.
(what is INF? - every file have its own extension example for picture you have JPG or BMP, and video is MPG, FLV etc, so ther are files with INF file for the installation purpose which you will understand after reading the installayion guide below)

Download the Drivers from the URL i gave above, here is the link again:

You have to download to files here Drivers and INF at the page i gave
1.Download the drivers
2.Then Download The INF
3.After download the drivers you will get 18681 file, double click and extract it, it will create the driver file.
4.Copy the INF file you downloaded and paste(replace) it in the extracted driver files.
6. Install and youre done.

p/s: my connection at home have some problems, when it fix i post the modded drivers so you do not need to modified it. Thanks.

After you install 178.24_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe from the link gave at the previous post,
you will get an error message "The Nvidia Setup program could not..............." and it will quit the installation, then do the following :

1. Open device manager by click start and select run, type: devmgmt.msc and click ok

2. There Under display right click unknown vga device (mark with yellow), update driver.

3. Select no to connect:

4. Select advance.
5. Select don't search, i will choose the driver.

And then Select Display adapters,next, choose the have disk button. and then click browse.

Browse to C:\nvidia\Win2k\178.24\English\nv4_disp

It will give you a list of models, there are 2 geforce 8200's in the list. Click the first one in the list and click ok.
It will give you the continue anyway option, proceed throught it,

Reboot computer.